Mistaken Identity with Quippo create a problem for unrelated company


Guwahati: Mistaken Identity with the ill fated Quippo Oil & Gas company has created serious problem to an unlinked company, the Linkquest Quippo Infra Limited (LQI) in Assam.

The Quippo Oil & Gas company has of late been in the news as two of their employees were abducted by ULFA and negotiation for their release was going on.

But thenews media of Assam mistakenly showing LinkQuest Guwahati office as Quippo Oil & Gas office and this has created flutter amongst the employees of the LinkQuest as they feared ULFA attack.

Notably the Link Quest is a telecom company engaged in digital fiber laying in the North East India for Defense Service and has nothing to do with Petrochemical Business.

As news reporters mistakenly showing the LinkQuest office and its employees as the Quippo Oil & Gas office, the terrified employees closed down the office and refused to return to the office.

According to Mr Sudarshan das, Project manager LinkQuest, a separate company Quippo Infrastructure ltd is just a shareholder of the LinkQuest but it is no way involved with the Quippo Oil & Gas company.

“But the local media has created the confusion with our office and people’s image and hence the employed are scared to report for duty and we are unnecessarily been involved with no reason,” he said.

The LinkQuest had already informed the Assam Government in this regard but the terrified employees have refused to return causing serious damage to their ongoing digital fiber laying work.

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